Boost Sales in 2014

Do you have an event, promotion, campaign or initiative coming up? This time of year is when the top manufacturers in our industry release their new product lines, and I’ll be seeing many of them firsthand in the coming weeks. I’d love to bring back some innovative, buzz-generating ideas to make your 2014 projects successful. If you have a spare minute, please let me know what your upcoming needs are so I can be on the lookout for the perfect solution.

Thanks, and happy new year!

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Stuffing Stockings while branding your business.

Well according to the big brand stores, IT IS OFFICIALLY THE HOLIDAY SEASON! Ready or not, stores are stocking their isles with holiday items. Even if you may not be ready for the holidays, you need to be sure that your business is! The holiday season, although stressful, is one of the biggest opportunities to really take advantage and get your business branded. Just remember, you are competing against many others for the same customer and getting noticed in the flood of sale signed and bargain buys is no walk in the park. You need something that will really catch the eye of your consumer. This is where promotional products come in! Promotional Products, are and unique way to grab the attention of an overly stressed out potential customer. Since promotional products come in all shapes and sizes, finding one that fits your business and budget is no problem at all.

The holidays tend to get a bit crazy. Between the longer hours and running around, personal hygiene sometimes gets neglected. The perfect promotional products for this time of year of simple everyday items that will make your future customer be sure to thank you for later. Items like, chap stick, hair brushes, and hand sanitizer are small enough to be thrown into a pocket or purse and even are great for traveling. Small simple products like this with your company name on them are a sure way to get your business noticed among the rest. Plus,what stressed out shopper doest love hearing, “here have this for free”? If you haven’t considered promotional products for this holiday season, it is time to start! Order yours today!

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Drawstring Backpack

Attention: Drawstring Backpacks are a HOT item right now!

If you are new to the promotional product world or simply haven’t explored your options lately, I am here to tell you that Drawstring Backpacks are making a huge comeback! These reusable drawstring backpacks are practical, affordable, and earth friendly. What a combination! They can also be easily customized to a specific color, and have ample space to place a logo. Drawstring Backpacks are a perfect promotional item for just about any business. Children and adults can both use them, and they can be filled with other small promotional items as well. Since these Drawstring Backpacks are Lightweight and Durable they can be used over and over again by your potential clients and your business logo and name will be visible to potential clients. Overall, Drawstring Backpacks are in high demand right now so get yours before they are all gone!!

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Promotional Products for Dentist

Dentistry is a competitive business, so how do you get the upper hand and get your practice noticed? PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS of course! Whether, you want to keep your existing clients, gain new ones, or simply want to send your clients home with a souvenir, promotion products are right for you. Promotional items range anywhere from tooth brushes, floss, mouth wash, teeth care to-go travel packs, and so much more. Whatever you are looking for, Adimage has it! The best part is your business name and or logo will go home with a client or potential client, so not only will they get a practical and relevant keepsake, they will remember to stay up-to-date on their dental hygiene. Promotional products are a great investment and are incredibly affordable. So why not find out more information by contacting the promotional product experts at Adimage today!

Here are just a few of the MANY options for promotional products that would be great for dental related businesses:
Click on the picture to find out more information about each product.

QPicThis 4-row 43-tuft toothbrush is a professional toothbrush. Quality made in the USA using today’s newest most colorful DuPont TYNEX bristle, round-tipped, soft-textured for thorough cleaning and gentle massaging of teeth and gums. The BSI Toothbrush has a full bristle design for maximum cleaning. The compact head is excellent for adults and children – accepted by the American Dental Association. Union made in the USA.

QPicShow those pearly whites with this creative tooth shaped dental floss. This mint flavored floss provides 12 yards of durable cleaning floss in a playful tooth shaped container! Each container includes a full color decal to provide you with a stylish retail look. This product is great for dentistry practices, pharmacies or medical themed events.

QPicGet the most out of your toothpaste with this EZ-Squeeze toothpaste dispenser. This easy to use dental accessory will guarantee that you use the right amount of toothpaste without wasting a drop! The Ez-Squeeze features a built-in dispenser that is attached to the tubing and measures 3.25″ x 1.25″. It can also be used to dispense lotion, ointments and other creams. This product is great for the dental industry, traveling, resorts, etc.

Promotional Products for Golf Tournaments

FORE!!!! It has been said, that many business deals happen on the golf course. Therefore, why not use that to your advantage and gain some extra revenue for your business on the golf green? Golf Tournaments are widely popular all over the United States and attract large crowds, they are truly the place to strike a deal or two. Golf tournaments, large and small are the perfect environment for promotional products because many people are within a relatively small area and more than likely have a bit of spare time in between tees.  So why not hand out a few promotional items and get exposure for your business while earning the appreciation of the crowd? More than likely those who attend golf tournaments are golfers themselves, therefore by having promotional products that are appropriate for the situation and that will be used again and again is a great way to plan a successful course for your business. So break a deal or two during the next golf tournament you or your business attends by handing out a few promotional items!

Here are just a few promotional items that would be ideal to hand out at a golf tournament:

QPic Golf Umbrella

QPic Golf Towel with Hook 

QPic Golf Ball (various brands available)

Many more items can be found at !

Why Use Promotional Products to Promote Your Business

If the past few post have no convinced you to start using promotional products to promote your business, then hopefully this post will. Promotional products are super for getting the attention of new clients and getting your business noticed. With so much competition in the market sometimes traditional methods are simply not enough. Promotional products create brand recognition for your business so that potential clients will continue to remember and favor your business over competitors.

Promotional products can be very affordable and have been proven to work. So regardless of your budget, there are promotional items for you. Sometimes all it takes it that extra little push from a promotional item for your potential client to commit or for your onetime client to become a client for life. Explore promotional items for every budget HERE.

Promotional products are unique in the world of advertising because they are tangible. People can keep them as a souvenir and go back and refer to them when needed. Lately the variety of promotional products have expanded greatly to really be useful in daily life. Whereas, older promotional products or flyers may have ended up in a “junk drawer”, promotional items are so innovative and creative that they now end up being used regularly. With using promotional products to promote your business you are guaranteeing that your business name will be with your customer far longer than in your place of business.

Promotional products work, see how they can work for you and your business by speaking with an expert. Visit to learn more!

Promotional Products Under a Dollar

Promotional Products are great and can really help a business expand their client base by reaching new audiences. Despite all of the benefits that promotional products offer, many businesses still have not tried promotional products or are disinterested because they assume promotional products are way out of their budget. Well, I have some exciting news. PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS ARE AFFORDABLE AT ANY BUDGET!  There really is such a wide variety of promotional products available today that they come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Now, promotional items are more affordable than ever, many are even under a dollar. Spending less than a dollar to gain a new client who will potential spend LOTS of dollars, that seems like a no brainer. If you have ever considered promotional products but figured there was no way you could afford them, think again! Contact a promotional product expert today and find out more about your options!

Here are a few of the best selling promotional products under $1

QPic Metallic Colors Pocket Planner $0.62- $0.79

QPic Slimster Pen With White Trim $0.28- $0. 34

QPic-1  Translucent Slim Rectangle LED Flashlight Keychain With Silver Trim $0.67 – $0.75

QPic-2  Polyurethane Colorbrite Stress Ball $0.74 – $0.85

To find out more about these popular items under $1 or to view many more options click on any one of the images above.