Promotional Products for Golf Tournaments

FORE!!!! It has been said, that many business deals happen on the golf course. Therefore, why not use that to your advantage and gain some extra revenue for your business on the golf green? Golf Tournaments are widely popular all over the United States and attract large crowds, they are truly the place to strike a deal or two. Golf tournaments, large and small are the perfect environment for promotional products because many people are within a relatively small area and more than likely have a bit of spare time in between tees.  So why not hand out a few promotional items and get exposure for your business while earning the appreciation of the crowd? More than likely those who attend golf tournaments are golfers themselves, therefore by having promotional products that are appropriate for the situation and that will be used again and again is a great way to plan a successful course for your business. So break a deal or two during the next golf tournament you or your business attends by handing out a few promotional items!

Here are just a few promotional items that would be ideal to hand out at a golf tournament:

QPic Golf Umbrella

QPic Golf Towel with Hook 

QPic Golf Ball (various brands available)

Many more items can be found at !