Promotional Products for Trade Shows

Trade Shows are a fantastic way to spread ideas, products, and get in touch with sellers and buyers alike. However, Trade Shows are no walk in the park even for the most experienced Trade Show vendors. To be successful at a Trade Show, one must go fully prepared to meet the large amount of people that you will come in contact with. One key to success is making sure you take the right Promotional Product that will get you noticed and to take enough to ensure you will not run out. Many promotional products have become a go to pick for many Trade Show vendors, products such as pens, koozies and key chains. While these promotional products are great, they are simply too been there, done that, in the Trade Show world and therefore often go unnoticed by potential customers. So why do many Trade Show vendors fall back on using these classic promotional items? Well it is no secret that these classic promotional items can be ordered in large quantities and are relatively inexpensive. However, many are unaware of the great variety of promotional products that are available which are just as inexpensive as the classics and much more attention grabbing. If you plan on exhibiting at a Trade Show then you should really consider some of the following inexpensive and unique promotional products that will get much more attention than a pen.

QPic Candy Tin with Signature Peppermints
These small tins of peppermints are a perfect promotional product to be given away at a Trade Show. These small peppermints can be eaten in between vendors to freshen up your smile or eaten after a meal on the go. These tins of signature peppermints also last a long time which means your name or logo will stay with your potential customer. These tins of signature peppermints are a win all around!

QPic Pen Spray Hand Sanitizer
You can never go wrong with hand sanitizer! These small and convenient hand sanitizer pens can be clipped on to a purse, lunch box, pant pocket and so much more. They are easy to use and come in a variety of colors. They are the perfect promotional item to be given away at a trade show because many of the people there are touching and sampling many different things and hands tend to get quickly dirty. This pen hand sanitizer is practical and a good way to spread business instead of germs.

QPic 30 oz. Gripper Bottle
Finally, this promotional item seems like a no brainer, as a must have item for every Trade Show. Who does not appreciate a free water bottle, especially at a long event such as a Trade Show. Trade Show goers are happy with the free water and you can be happy with the free publicity. It is a winning situation for all!

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Promotional Products for Businesses

America, the land of endless opportunities and plenty of businesses. With all of the businesses that this country has, how does one get their business noticed among the many? The answer is simple. Get your name out there! There are many ways to go about doing this, but if you are looking for a method that has been tried and true, then you need to invest in Promotional Products. Promotional items are made specifically for getting the name and or logo into the hands of potential customers and the best part is, THEY WORK! At this point you may be thinking, that you would not know what promotional item would be best for your business, or maybe you are thinking that your budget is far too small to spend money on promotional products. Not to worry, there are promotional product experts that know exactly what you and your business need. Perhaps you have thought about using a promotional product to promote your business but do not want to use the same old, same old, that others have used before. Regardless of what stage your business is in, what your budget is like, or what your knowledge of the effectiveness of promotional products is, the fact is that the right promotional product will work for you. It is time to get your business noticed and look in to getting promotional products.

Listed below are just a few of the many, NEWEST and HOTTEST promotional products that can be used to promote any type of business.

QPic Smart Phone Case

QPic-1 Portable Phone Charger

QPic Aluminum Business Card With Built in USB Flash Drive

QPic Biodegradable Bags and Totes

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Promotional Products for Women

A purse holds many things, from the practical to the bizarre and everything in-between. To many people, a purse is just a bag but in the world of marketing and advertising, a purse is a secret weapon. Purses have the ability to carry your business name or logo just about anywhere, in the form of a promotional product of course. When thinking of common items one would find in a purse; pens, gum, and wallets are the obvious first answers. With so much competition out there today, a pen is just not going to make the cut and have much of a chance getting into a purse. To get your name into a purse is no easy task, however with the right promotional items you can get your name into purses everywhere and create a positive brand image all at the same time. All of which will lead to higher sales. So it is time to think outside of the box, or purse in this case, and explore some other options that are sure to grab the attention of a women.

2-in-1 Kit W/ Mirror & Hair Brush
A mirror and brush is a perfect combination of a promotional item that would be useful and appealing to the female demographic. This small, yet practical item comes in a large variety of colors and is a great promotional product to consider if you are buying in bulk. This 2-in-1 mirror and hair brush is compact enough to fit in just about any purse, which means your business name or logo could be traveling around in hand bags everywhere, reinforcing positive brand image and getting you business calls. This mirror and hair brush can do much more for your business than just keeping appearances up!
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7 Pieces Manicure Set
Another perfect promotional product for women is a handy manicure set. These manicure sets are small enough to throw in a purse, keep in the car, a gym bag, a toilet tree bag, the list goes on and on. Not only are these manicure sets small and portable, they are useful and that is the key for a successful promotional item, utility. These comes in a variety of colors and a logo or business name looks great on them. The best part is how affordable these are!

QPic Click on the picture of the manicure sets to find out more information about this particular product as well as information about how to place an order.

Wine 10 Oz. Tumbler
This next item may not fit in many purses, however it is a new and exciting product that is sure to grab the attention of many women. These may look like ordinary tumblers at first, but when filled with liquid you can see the shape of a wine glass from. These special tumblers are unique and are the perfect promotional product to engage women. These tumblers are great for traveling, everyday use, and parties. Each sip from this one of a kind tumbler will build name recognition and be a tangible item that potential customer are sure to enjoy.

QPic Click on the picture of the tumblers for more information about this particular product as well as information about how to place an order.

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Promotional Products for Children

Marketing products attract new business and help to build brand recognition. Promotional products have been highly successful in appealing to the adult market, but up until recently many have begun to notice that promotional items can be equally successful in appealing to the younger market as well. It is no secret that children hold massive amounts of buying power. Children influence billions of dollars worth of what is bought each year and parents spend equally, if not more in the purchase of items for their children. Therefore, it only makes sense to send a promotional item home with a child just as much as it makes sense to send one home with a parent as well. Any way the more exposure your business name gets, the better. Over the years, many different promotional items have been targeted at children. With the times quickly changing here are just a few of the many leading promotion items on the market for children today:

Crayons have been a classic item for children of all ages for years now. Not only are crayons great for entertainment but they also double as a perfect take home item. With these “Stop Look & Learn Non-toxic Crayons” you are able to imprint your logo and name on a 3×1 area on the box. Be assured that these Crayons are re non-toxic, affordable, and sure to make both child and parent happy.

A common, but often overlooked promotional product that is perfect for appealing to children is stuffed animals. Stuffed animals have a exceptionally long shelf life and come in many different varieties. Children love them and they are more affordable than you would think. Stuffed animals used as promotional items are well worth the investment because of the longevity that the message has as well as the keepsake itself.

The options available for promotional items for children are already abundant and new ideas are continuing to come out. Making promotional products for children is still a relatively new concept but this new way to use promotional items is quickly taking off. Children are a huge influencer when it comes to buying and furthermore, establishing brand recognition to the consumer and youth is a great way to generate future customers.

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