Why Use a Promotional Product Consultant

With more and more access to products on the internet, many business people may ask themselves, why use a promotional product consultant? What many people don’t realize is that you are getting the services of the ad specialty consultant for free. That’s right. The promotional product consultant is buying the products wholesale and then selling to the end user oftentimes for less than they could purchase these same marketing products on line.

Your consultant will also be able to distinguish between good sources and not so good sources. Most promotional product reps have the means to sort products, not only by price, but by the manufacturer’s ranking in the Ad Specialty industry. Many reps only use A and A+ rated suppliers. These are suppliers that offer great service, great quality products, free paper proofs and on time delivery. You can rest assured that you will get the product you expected and on time.

Your Specialty Advertising consultant can also help you with a marketing plan, help you find just the right product based on your budget, with no hidden charges. Most of us have a lot of experience when it comes to finding great ideas and we don’t charge the customer regarding the process of finding these ideas. We only get paid when products are actually purchased.

After the order is placed, your promotional product rep will stay on top of your order, make sure the artwork is correct, make sure you get a proof or virtual sample and make sure it ships on time so you don’t have to worry especially if you have an event date. So, the hard work of your consultant isn’t done when the sale is made, sometimes there is a lot of work done behind the scenes to ensure you get the product you ordered on time.

So the next time you are in the market for promotional products, consider working with an experienced promotional product consultant. You will save money in the long run and rest assured that someone is in your corner helping you make the right decision, at the right price and in a timely manner.


Promotional Products for Car Dealers

USB Car ChargerAre you wondering what is new these days regarding great giveaway items for Car Dealers. We have all seen the typical Custom License Plate Frame as well as the promotional keychain that are given out at Car Dealerships, but check out these new ideas:

The personalized Photovision Car Air Freshener features your logo in a large 2″ diameter imprint area in full color. A great way to keep you logo in front of your customer.  These are placed in the car’s air vent to deliver great fresh scents.

Another great idea is the Custom Keychain Tire Gauge which is a great tool that all drivers should have on hand. Let your customers keep this on their key chain as a great reminder to keep those tires properly inflated as well as reminding them of your products and services.

These days everyone is into high tech products such as smartphones. A Customized USB Car Power Adapter is a great way to power up those mobile devices while on the go. These can be used with iPhones but iPads, iPods as well as many other mobile devises. Again another way to keep you logo front and center.

I hope these ideas have helped you in thinking of more ways to keep your company on your client’s radar screen, especially the next time they want to buy a car.

Promotional Products for the Oil Field


Tally Book 

Here are a few items that you might like, especially if your company works in the oil industry. Tally books are important to the oilfield as they are used by many different types of companies such as  drilling and chemical companies, construction and trucking companies as well as many others. These make a great gifts for anyone in the oil industry and with your logo and company information printed on the front cover, this is a great way to keep your information in front of your customers.

Another popular item these days in the oil field are hard hat stickers. Hard hat stickers come in many sizes and shapes and can have all the colors of your logo. These decals are weather resistant, come with permanent adhesive or removeable adhesive, so they are totally custom to your specifications. This is a great way to identify employees as well.

If you work in the oil field, you might be familiar with oil field camo. This is a pattern that from a distance looks like camouflage but represents all the facets of working in the  oil field. We have lots of products that have oil field pattern from caps to rugged coolers. We will be happy to help you with other ideas that are suited for the Oil Industry.

The Power of Promotional Products (Why Use Specialty Advertising)


White Bike BottleDo you remember the last time you got a flyer from a company trying to promote their business? Chances are you probably tossed it in the garbage. Would you have done the same if that was a promotional item such as a mug or a pen? According to the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI), promotional product advertising and marketing is a $16 billion dollar industry. A survey conducted by the Promotional Product Association Industy (PPAI) found that 81% of people keep promotional items on them because they are useful. 1 out of 5 people are walking around with a promtional product on or with them. Marketing Products don’t only attract new customers but they also establish name recognition and help build an image.

The following is a list of just a few of the ways promotional items can build a better relationship with your clients:

Increase tradeshow traffic, increase repeat business, create good reputation, solidify corporate identity, get attention and give added exposure.

Promotional products will continue to be one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to market and promote your business. With the right strategy and creativeness our company can stay on top of it’s game by using effective promotional products.

How to Promote Your Tattoo Shop with Promotional Products

marble mugThere was a time in the not too distant past that tattoos were considered something that only a biker or a sailor would get but that was then and this is now. People of all walks of life are sporting tattoos and not just one tattoo, but many. From young ladies to CEO’s are getting their first tattoo. Now more than ever, has this business become a business high in demand and now more than ever, you want people to find you and not go down the street to your competitor’s tattoo parlor.

Promotional Products have been a way of marketing small businesses and huge corporations alike for many years and believe it or not Tattoo Shops are finding that these Marketing Materials are great for their business as well. I also think that certain items lend themselves well as a vehicle for promoting your artistry. The following items include a four color process so that you can show off your full color desgins on a number of items, besides the Custom T-Shirts and Custom Cups.

Bumper Stickers and Decals , which come in all sizes and shapes, are a great way to show off your talents.   Also, since keychains are something everybody uses, how about a keychain that features all the colors of your own unique design.  One more item that is very popular are custom Koozies and personalized Bottle Sleeves.  There are many more exciting ideas and we can help you with all of them at www.adimageonline.com.